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We have offically concluded a monumental year in the Order of the Arrow's history. One century has officially come to a close, and another one has begun. A new century, filled with opportunity to continue supporting the values of our order while helping it to continue to grow and flourish. Lowwapaneu is celebrating this new century with a milestone of our own. Our lodge is celebrating its 25th anniverary this year! This is a very exciting time for Lowwapaneu, and many exciting things are to come to help us celebrate this specail occasion. I am more than excited for this upcoming year, as I hope all of you are. Stay tuned for some special celebrations to come, and remember Red White Yellow Blue We Are Lowwapaneu!



Matt Wheeland

Lodge Chief 

Lodge Advisor

We are off to a GREAT start in 2016.

There is going to be a lot of activities to plan and attend in this our 25th year, two Ordeals, a picnic, Fellowship Weekend, a Conclave and so much more.

Remember the Order of the Arrow is a program designed for youth. Officers and Chairmen must be under the age of twenty-one for their entire term of office. The officers plan and conduct all meetings and events. Adults serve in advisory capacities only.

Hope to see you at one of our activities in 2016.


Mr. Croom

Lodge Advisor


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