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Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America


Awards in the Order of the Arrow

The Founders Award

With the death of the Order of the Arrow's Founder, Dr. E. Urner Goodman, The National Order of the Arrow Committee decided that the time was right to reinforce the values first established by the founders. The Founder's Award was created in 1981 to honor and recognize those Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to the lodge. The award is reserved for an Arrowman who demonstrates to fellow Arrowmen that he or she memorializes in their everyday life, the spirit of achievement as described by Goodman. The award consists of a bronze medallion bearing the likenesses of founder E. Urner Goodman and co-founder Carroll A. Edson. The reverse of the medallion is inscribed with the words, which immortalize the meaning of the award, "For he who serves his fellows, is, of all his fellows, greatest!" Accompanying the medallion is an engraved certificate with appropriate national and local signatures. The recognition piece for the Arrowman's uniform is an arrow ribbon, similar to the universal arrow ribbon, except that it has a gold-colored arrow suspended from a solid red ribbon. Local Lodges may petition the National Committee to present one Founder's Award annually for every 500 lodge members or portion thereof. Since it's inception in 1981, only 33 Lowwapaneu brothers have received this award.

  • Dave Mitchell
  • Josh Thomas
  • Jeremy Kobeski
  • Bill McAulifee*
  • Bill Botke
  • Dave Srebro
  • Eric Chase
  • John Croom III
  • Matt Beckage
  • John Croom Jr
  • Dave Nguyen
  • Dan Nestorick
  • Aaron Dombroski
  • Greg Russick
  • Bob Gibbons
  • John Gaudenzi
  • Tino Penzone*
  • Josh Tucky
  • AJ Gaudenzi
  • Mike Minello
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Tom Owens*
  • Nick Murley
  • Jack Spitzer
  • Greg Morcom
  • Phil Diefenderfer
  • Mark Diefenderfer
  • Sam Levandoski
  • Allan Stroud
  • Jordan Hughes
  • Michael Shostak
  • Donnie Stephens
  • Tenny Bedoe
  • Scott Grassi
  • Jim Naticchi
  • Matt Wheeland
  • Larry Morton

Leadership in Service Award


In recognition of the Order of the Arrow's heritage of service, the National Order of the Arrow Committee created a new three-year Leadership in Service Program which was announced at the 2004 NOAC. The Order strives to strengthen Scouting's foundation of service by further fostering in Arrowmen the ethic of servant leadership. By promoting and rewarding service that benefits the Boy Scouts of America's outdoor program, and the communities in which Scouts reside, the Order will be acting to support Scouting at the most important level.

Leadership in Service Award Criteria

Arrowmen must complete the following requirements each year in which they earn the award:

  • Give 8 hours of service participating in a lodge or council service project benefiting a local council camp (lodge induction weekends do count). Service may be split over two or more events. (Working as camp staff does not fulfill the council service requirement)
  • Give 6 hours of service doing a community service project planned and run by the lodge or chapter.

The timeline for the Leadership in Service Award is a graduated system that encourages Arrowmen to continue their service from year to year. Requirements for the award can be met during the calendar years of 2005, 2006, and 2007. Service from a previous year cannot be carried over to meet the next year's requirements. Arrowmen of all ages may earn the First Year award in 2005, 2006 or 2007, the Second Year in 2006 or 2007, and the Third Year Award in 2007 only.

Signatures for the requirements of this award may be signed off by the Arrowman's Scoutmaster, Lodge Chief and Lodge Advisers. Arrowmen should contact their lodge to obtain sign-off forms. Completed forms should be returned to the lodge. The awards will be presented by the lodge at an appropriate occasion.

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