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Communication Committee

The Communication committe is divided into two halves that interwine to make the communication committee possible. The first part is the pulications half that deals with our quaterly paper Smoke Signals. The Second part is the Technology Committee dealing with the website and other technology functions.


     The Publications Committee's main goal is to provide Lowwapaneu Lodge with a quarterly newsletter called Smoke Signals. We also provide Smoke Signals at every meal for the Fellowship Weekend and both Ordeals. If you are interested in taking pictures, interviewing people for articles, writing articles, or just simply want to get more involved in the lodge now is your chance, The Publications Committee is currently looking for new members!

Why is the Communication-Publication Committee so important?

     This comittee is so important because not only does it keep the entire lodge up to date with current events with the quaterly editions, it also keeps up-to-date menu's and weather reports for the editions that go out at meal times for Fellowhip and both Ordeals. 

2014 Communication-Publications Committee Goals:

1.Publish four quarterly editions of Smokesignals.

2. Publish four editions during weekend outings.

3. Meet deadlines based on the Lodge Calendar.

4. Have Smokesignals in mail boxes one week prior to major lodge outings.

5. Gain 3 new committee members.

     If you are interested in this exciting opportunity to work in the journalism field or with different types of media please feel free to email:

 Communications-Publications Chairman - Anthony Huntington at arh1446@comcast.net


Comunications-Publications Advisor - Paul Ceonzo at     p_ceonzo@yahoo.com


The Technology part of Committee's main responsibility is to maintain and control the Lodge Web Site. Additionally it has the mission to make sure that all high tech needs of the Lodge are meet.

This involves not only the web site but also the:

  • Mailing List
  • Internet Routers
  • Two Way Radios
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Celly Group

Basically any and all tools that help to keep the Lodge up to date and functioning in the best way possible.

If you are interested in web design related projects feel-free to contact:

Communications-Technology Chairman - Matt Smith at mjsmitty17@gmail.com


     Comunications-Technology Advisor - Nick Murley at tsad2008@yahoo.com

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