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Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

Texting Group

Lowwapaneu Texting Group

Do you want to receive text messages about important Lowwapaneu updates? Join the Lowwapaneu Text Group! Follow the following steps to start getting texts from us. At the most we will only send out 4 text messages a month.

To Join Text: @Lowwapaneu to 23559

You will receive a conformation text asking for you to create a username. Please Enter Your Real Name no spaces.

We can not approve you to join the list if you do not use your real name.

That is it, you will start receiving text messages from us! We will still be using the email group in addition to this texting service and our Facebook Group. Happy Texting Lowwapaneu!

If for some reason you didn't use your real name to join the list:
1: Go to www.cel.ly
2: log in with your cell phone number
3: In the top right hand corner click on your current username
4: Click edit profile
5: In the window that pops up click change username and enter your real name.

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STEP 1: Go to:

STEP 2: Install
Install and open the app

STEP 3: Create Account
Usernames should be Formatted as: FIRST INITIAL, LAST NAME, FAVOTIRE NUMBER

Example Joe Scout
would make a
username: JScout191

Passwords are your choice

STEP 4: Add our group
In the program
join our group by typing in

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